Blox Fruits Gimkit version. Startup Help this post is over please dont comment

hey If any one could give me some starting ideas for this. i think that this will be a very difficult but fun project. plz give me a lot of ideas and device suggestions.

This will literally be the biggest project ive taken on

What mechanics do you need help with?

mostly with elements and how to make them work. in the game theres many different ones.

Can you specify on them?

i dont know how to make things like that

sorry posted late things like magma, light, and many others to many to list

What do those abilities do?

i mostly need help with making custom images to appear and giving each one its own characteristics

sorry have to go continue tomorrow.

You can’t do that but you could use pixel-art

I’ve just decided to come back to this project later because there’s too many variables to account for.