Bloons Td 6 remake

So, I’m trying to remake Bloons TD 6 in Gimkit. In case you don’t know It is, Bloons TD 6 is a tower defense game in which monkeys are popping balloons.

That’s a very ambitious idea, but currently there really isn’t a good way to make tower defense games without tedious work for only a decent outcome.


I still think it could potentially work

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the hardest part is just tracking the sentries health.

it seems like a game with poten. but it will take some time I’m sure of that :sunglasses:

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The monkeys in the game don’t have health

the sentrie is supposed to be the monkey or the player?

The monkeys are the sentries

the sentry is supposed to be the balloons

like, what would you use for the balloons? It would be very hard and memory consuming to track all of the balloons health.


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oh I get it that makes sense