Blocks Glitching Out

The blocks just started to glitch out like crazy

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Wow. The textures just went wild.

Yeah, sometimes the textures changed to off centered versions of other blocks

uuhhhmmm… did you edit this picture, or is it actually purple?

It’s actually purple

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oh my…

There have been a lot of bugs in the forums around this time. I wonder why.

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It started glitching out around 30 minutes into the game
(I set it to 59)

maybe the game isn’t supposed to last that long.
For example in pacman, when you get so long into the game all of the graphics and stuff just start to deform and disappear. maybe thats whats happening to your game.

I’ve played it all the way through 59 minutes before, It’s never happened like this

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Here’s another fun one

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Why be purple when you can be green, I guess…

that looks pretty major, I would say just email it to Gimkit, but its kinda cool.

Here’s Yellow

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It’s definitely not a time thing. I played for 59 minutes and it was fine. But, I think this is a problem with your computer. But, what do I know :person_shrugging:. email

Oh my…

Email If they don’t have any other solutions to fix that, then this is a computer problem.

or internet problem, you never know…

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