Blocking sentry weapons causes problems

Can’t you just put props around the sentry? The sentry won’t be able to shoot through it and it’ll look at bit more decorative.

But then wouldn’t you not be able to fire back at it too?

Oh, they need that, too? I’ll run some random tests.

I did put props around it, it still shot through it. I don’t know what I did wrong.

there’s a small spot in the sentry where the range stems from if you block that one bit the sentry wont shoot but can be attacked

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got the spot
it wont attack but you can attack it
it works bc the range stems from one spot if you cover that spot it cant see

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Maybe set the sentry to the same team as you then but a rock prop on top of it with collsion off and is invisible and have the damage on with the same amount of damage as a sentry would take. Then wire the rock prop to the sentry having it as: prop destroyed → deacitivate sentry. Then wire the rock prop to a wire repeater: prop destroyed → run wire pulse. Have the wire repeater’s delay as 10 seconds, then wire the wire repeater to the sentry: run wire pulse → activate sentry. That should work

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Ok, I’ll try it.

Did it work?
If it did, don’t forget to mark a solution!

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That one also didn’t work.

Also, I wanted him to be on team two because he is going to be important later.

Ok sorry that didn’t work. I was tossing out an idea I thought that worked. Oops

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It’s okay. It would work but I just need another idea.

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Maybe put a barrier around the sentry and use a prop that when it’s destroyed, deactivate the sentry?
(You could use a prop that blends in with the background on low opacity.)

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Yeah, I did that but for some reason it went through the prop. I don’t know what happened. Also the player has to walk up to the sentry so I can’t put a barrier on top of it.

Was the barrier collision on? The setup works for me on my end…

Well, it works but the player then isn’t able to walk up to the sentry.

Put invisible buttons around the barrier to trigger the quest.

Ok, thanks this works.

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