Blocking sentry weapons causes problems

So I have a sentry with a quest on it and I’m wondering if I could make it so I can attack it but it can’t attack me. I put a barrier over it so it wouldn’t attack me but now I can’t attack it.

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Yeah, that’s a problem caused by the sentry-device interactions being patched :saluting_face:

How much of the sentry needs to be covered for it to work?

It just needs to block the sentries weapon while still allowing me to attack it.

Make it the same team as the players in the settings

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But then you can’t attack it.
And so can’t it.

But then I can’t attack it if it’s on my team. What @Haiasi said.

Hmmm, Maybe you could use psedou health

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Wait couldn’t you have the sentry attack very slow, have 1 health and deactivate it very fast

Make the barrier be able to take damage instead.

Well then wouldn’t it disappear?

A snowball would be able to fire very fast before it dissapears.

They can. Here to help’s guide takes advantage of that.

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I was thinking about that, but would it work if I just covered the weapon?

Can’t the weapon move all around the sentry?

Not really, since there’s a 360 degree rotation possible.

Oh ok, I’ll try this and see if I can link the barrier to the sentry.

Wait, what if you can deactivate and activate a barrier infront of a sentry and figure out the gadget fire time of the sentry

There’s no damage option on the barrier device.

So like a repeater that activates and deactivates the barrier?