Block and Popup help

I’m making a Popup with blocks, and I made is header with blocks:
Screenshot 2024-03-05 9.57.59 AM
But when I test it, its not there

Maybe you didn’t trigger the blocks to run?


I think it’s because in the block code you did set header not body text

I think he wants it to be the header that is changed

if you used a wire, did you connect it to “show popup” or run wire pulse block

I put it to “Show Popup.”

and was your block in wire pulse block?

It was on wire pulse.

wire pulse block means after the wire grants the pulse, connect it as on wire pulse block and you should be fine

So I put the wire as “wire pulse block” instead of “show Popup”?

ahh, no you need both, so use a wire repeater (0.0) seconds, for show popup

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You also need the block to broadcast on the channel that opens the popup (at the end of the blocks)

Do I connect a wire from the Wire Repeater to the Popup?

connect your device to the popup (run wire pulse), then the same device to the wire repeater, then the wire repeater to the popup (show popup)


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