Blaster: A better gadget than you think

fyi, this guide might not have everything that we’ve discovered of the blaster as this was made the day it came out (or the day after) and I’ve lost editing time.


The last time I used a blaster I bumped into a wall

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Same, @gim_guy - someone just blasted me and I bumped into a wall.

Great guide, @GimSolver! :star_struck:

Yay! 50 likes :heart:! :tada:
Thanks guys, my second one! :partying_face:


Congrats, @GimSolver! I really wish I could get at least 50 on any post.

@GimSolver I know this is off topic from this, but when will EVERY Image in GKC 1.0 be reopened?

Breaking News On Channel Gim:

This is Stache reporting Breaking News!
With the newest update by our wonderful Gimkit developers, we can now do this!
It’s a relevation!


Did you read my message above?

Jeff has to reopen it manually

I been checking daily, it saying it was supposed to open a long time, and its still not open. :frowning:

Jeff has to open it he doesn’t want to babysit guides
gimsolver needs to write an email if he wants it back

Okay then. :frowning: @Foxy I’ll hope GimSolver does.

the legendary blaster is the best, only chance of number 2 (snowcone) beating it is when the blaster has less shots (aka the common), I wouldn’t put horrendous, but good weapons also depend on your location and surroundings


If you haven’t yet, ya’ll should vote on this poll.
Blaster: A better gadget than you think - #91 by BreathTaking

okay I change my mind ,in those games where it is gim jumper then the heavy weapons do loads of damage, also to hold a narrow gap, pml is goated

noice guide.
now someone make one on pixelator when it comes.
and pickaxe.

change your pfp or I’ll think every topic is closed -_-
and yeah blaster is cracked

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they joined on april fools day. let them have their win.

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my name literally means fools in another language.


omg. they did. o_<

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