Blastball's Score Goal

How do i make Blastball’s Team Goal thing for my game, like this?

Also, it has to be horizontal (my score goals are in the bottom of the map)

The color? Go into settings and change the color.

No, like how do you make it.

Bump, it’s kinda not getting attention.

i think it might come soon, but just use overlays for now

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I wasn’t talking about the score’s part where you’ll see how much the team has scored.

I’m talking about the place where you score the ball.

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ball capture zone. change zone style.

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Thanks, but also how do i make the design of it?

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zone style. I just said that.

No, like these parts

exactly, zone style in the ball capture settings.


Sorry if i annoyed you a bit.

it’s fine, there’s always wording that confuses people!

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