Blastball Barrier Bug

This is the 666th bug post… am I gonna be cursed? I had 777 post today… uh oh

but, I have a blastball Bug. The barrier prop, it still had collision even when off. And yes, I did have it activate on game start then deactivate it. Also would like to mention its the barrier prop.


Maybe I should make it the barrier device… I’ll try that.

idk what to say if your trying to make like art on the floor mabey use text like those squares :blue_square:

Otherwise i really dont know

Make the barrier be inactive on game start and then activate it with a lifecycle-relay combo.

I did… I use the barrier prop and it didnt work.

Plus I want it so that the barrier can be destroyable… so that’s why I used the prop.

Edit: I saw the other post. Tried it. Didn’t work

Oop I thought you were talking about the device lol. It works with bullets.

Yeah, bullets go through.

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oh alright i can try and find a solution for this just give me some time or let the community figure it out

But I really want it so It can go through :frowning:

Ruins my Red Vs. Blue Game

I could change the barriers to the device, but then it would ruin the game a bit. I want it so it could break.

Really hope Josh fixes it.

Switching collision would be really hard.

Cause I don’t think you can switch collision.

I might switch to the barrier device if it won’t work.

But then there’s trading it being able to break… Ruining the point of my 2 tiers of barriers.

Do just to make a summary you want to have the barrier take dammage and not have collsion?

Yeah. No collision for the blastball but being able to take damage cause it’s like a barrier.

Maybe I can do it where a barrier appears in front of a barrier…

barrier prop in front of barrier device

when barrier prop destroyed, barrier device disappears.

Maybe I could do that. But that takes so much time then…

Its alright if it takes more time the product is worth it in the end

Yeah. It would look wonky, but it should be alright.

Wait… won’t work cause the barrier prop will still be there.

Yeah. This is strange.

Yes, since the update where they added balls and sentry skins
A lot of things have been buggy. And I mean a LOT

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You got a idea, Cello?