Biiigggg question!

So I would like to know how to make after you close a popup then your screen goes completely black and then seconds later it will make another popup apear, and then upon closing it will end the game.

you can’t unless you crsah the computer

I don’t think so add a black barrier for the dark screen

There are no devices to make ur screen black that i know of…

but there is the barrier

alfa 1.00 and jet black barrier that cover while screen will do

Ok I’m just going to give you the whole thing: Popup closed teleport to black barrier Popup closed open another popup

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ya probably just make it tp to the black screen

i’ve seen it done before, it was in a “Pre” platformer game but was like super high tech.

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Now maybe you could simulae it by wiring popup to a black barrier too multiples and say popup closes activated barriers in background and then barrier activated open popup

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