Big question help!

I’VE SPENT SO MANY HOURS ON THIS! And I can’t help but ask, I have made a mistake and I didn’t even ask for help until now. I hope this is possible, is it possible that when you destroy a pillar then it takes away some health from a sentry?

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maybe you can use a laser to hurt it
like wire the barrier to a laser and it might hurt the sentry

Does a laser hurt it though?

I honestly don’t know, but it wouldn’t hurt to try

alright then thanks for the help ill check, but be sure to respond if no.

like what kinda map are you trying to make

maybe you could active an invisible sentry? That could be on different teams.

how would that help exactly

Yep, didn’t work at all

which one didn’t work

Hey you could pretend that it lowered the heath and the if you like get to the final blow thing then it would just deactivate it
like a button that said lower health or something but it never actually did anything

I just tested lasers dont hurt sentries
proof :

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So im making a game where you have to do quests and stuff before getting to a boss, I want it so these pillars are the boss’s strenth. I want it so when you destroy the pillars it kills off the boss.

like ender dragon ok so make it like if you destroy it then it increments a counter

OOOOOO i have idea now thanks

mark trasch’s post as a solution

and if you get all the pillars
hypothetically lets say six pillars and once the counter reaches 6 it deactivates the sentry
:+1: see if it works
(it should)

ok then thanks for da help

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