Best way to make a chest for one team to loot?

I’m working on a space pirates game, where students teleport between two spaceships and loot potatoes from chests, while being able to zap each other.

What would be the best way to…

  1. Make it so that students can click on a chest to open the questioner?
  2. Make it so that only one team can click on the chest?

If it helps, I want students to spawn on one ship, teleport to the opposing ship, and click on the opposing ship’s chests to answer questions. I don’t want them to be able to click on their own ship’s chests.

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And Number 1 would be the easiest.


Make a vending machine for only one team.
Or make a button that is unactive on game start. Make a relay that broadcasts to the team on when triggered by a lifecycle listening for game start.


The second option was exactly what I needed. Thanks!

You could make a crate
and a button below it.
Connect a lifecycle (game start) to a relay (what team you want to be able to loot the box)
and connect the relay to the button (make sure it is not active on game start)


I like that idea, you should make a guide on how to make a loot crate.

@Wumpus and @Blackfox45666 already made a guide on it.

Oh, well then my bad, i did not know.

You’re welcome! Mark a solution if it works!

Have an invisible vending machine with run channel as the setting. Have that do to a wire repeater with the team you want it to have open a questioner

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