Best way to do a capture the territories game?

What I have in mind is there are 5-7 territories (such as an inn/library/blacksmith/etc.) that students capture by answering questions. The students have a 1/10 chance of capturing the territory (I’m already good with the 1/10 aspect, using the trigger’s blocks). The final score will be based on how many total territories the team controls. The twist that I want is the person who captured the territory gets a power (double speed/double damage/ double ammunition/etc.), as long as the team still controls it. So for example, If I capture the library, my team gets a point, and I get double speed, as long as we control it.

The way that I have in mind of accomplishing this is using the inventory to hide information. So if I captured the library, it puts a gold key and red fish into my inventory. The gold key is linked to the team’s score, and the red fish gives me double speed. The key and fish are lost if another team captures the library. it looks like I can do this with relays and checks, but it’s getting messy. Is there a guide, or a way to point me into the right direction to do this with perhaps blocks and properties? I’m thinking that blocks and properties probably can make this a lot cleaner and more organized.


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There isn’t a guide on this, and thanks for being soooo detailed! Basically, you would use properties and blocks if you don’t care about memory, or you could use less memory with a more complex device only system.

Ah ok. Thanks. Does memory usage affect the gameplay?

Only if you’re at like 97%.

Thanks! I’ll give it a bit, and see if someone wants to out of kindness take on the big undertaking of showing me what the blocks might look like here (I can figure it out from a screenshot). Otherwise I’ll mark this solved in a few hours.

you could use tag zones and counter timers with a target that reset upon reaching that target and start when they enter the zone and reset when leaving the zone with channels and transmit on like captured when it reaches the target and it deactivate a specific tag team zone and activates a different tag team zone

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