Bendyland Carnival games (and ideas for mechanics]

I made this for @BendyTheInkDemon . This is not my guide.

Whac-A-Mole, BB gun targets, milk jug toss… everything that’s listed above and more! I just need a couple more carnival game ideas, and then I can finish my map!

Who is editing?

  • Me!
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If you contributed, put your name here:




any content I don’t want to flag but like what

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I’m adding it in.


I am so confused, how is this not your guide, but you posted it… so what is this?

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wiki for bendy

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Isn’t there stuff on this already? like a guide on the map or something?

He is making the guide for a person so they can make a carnival bendy map. they wanted people to edit it, but couldn’t make a wiki so he did it for them.

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Alright, and welcome to the community @Untitled_Builder!

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