Beginner Voting System (Difficulty 🟩 or 3/10)

Techically but we have all of the systems done. we just need to contact each other to get on at the same time.

there is a lot more this is just what i can get in one screenshot.

@awesomeT43 can you get on?

My schedule is a bit weird today, I should be able to get on later and for longer. I’ll let you know when.


thanks @Cyan_Tiger_Reigns not right now but later.


Ok noted.

@WolfTechnology I can get on now.

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ok its not my map this time its one for cyan its on your voting system

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get on here please

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can u add me, my username is Woof Woof

sorry but not on that padlet. That is a private one for the map.

@awesomeT43 when do u think u can get on because I need a little help with connecting the voting system.

I can at about 3:00(Central).

oh. I won’t be on till that time :frowning: are u on Sundays?

I’m not on over the weekends. I can today at 10:10(Central)

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@WolfTechnology I made a post of the padlet, that I think you’re going to like.

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which padlet the main or the collab one


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Easy but kinda hard to understand everything

Oh shoot wrong guide.


he he he, I just necroposted I’m so evil rahhhhhhhhh.