Beginner Voting System (Difficulty 🟩 or 3/10)

I’ve Done Everything for the Pre-set version, and There’s not even a page, that loads up. I may have messed up something there, but I’m not sure can you explain what I could have more likely messed up? Thank you for helping! :slight_smile:

is this one system or 2?

Will this system work for any number of players?

I believe it’s system 2


Two systems the second doesn’t work but this version dose.

Noice simple guide. This really helped me a lot.

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wait i just built that whole thing for nothing

Pre-set dose work but player dose not any you will have to use the updated version. I couldn’t change this guide because the 30 day editing limit had expired before I fixed the system.

I’m sorry for how long it’s taking me to respond, I made this so long ago that I don’t really remember how it works. I think you need to trigger the right trigger to start the system.

oh ok. got it! I’ll change it.

I think each part requires a better explanation of what it does. However nice guide.

So the pre-set starts the process, and then goes on from there, right? And will you have to make a way to kill the person with the most votes?

The pre-set is a separate voting system that needs the options being voted on to be set up ahead of time. Yes, you will need to make a separate system to kill the winner.

Ok. Thanks for your help!!!

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This is legit the most complex thing i have done and i am understanding it, which is rare for me. So great guide.


@awesomeT43 can you get on the collab padlet?

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@awesomeT43 i need a bit of help with your voting system its not working. its for a different map for someone else.

this seem a nice guide that best looked like it used for among us tbh I see you may of reached your replies limit so I got u @WolfTechnology yes I quickly scroll and read the guide fully under 10-30 secs

wdym ? and yeah i know it is im using it for @Cyan_Tiger_Reigns Fanaf map.