Bedwars troubles

how do i make it to where after your bed gets destroyed, you dont respawn?

also how can you make it to where you can buy barriers for your bed and sentries

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I don’t know about the first question, but for the second one, you can have inactive barriers wired to the place you buy it. When bought, the barriers are active

Use a knockout manager and a team property for whether the bed is destroyed. If it’s destroyed, then on knockout switch them to spectator. If it’s not, then do nothing.

To make it so you can buy barriers, just make a button + a checker to see if the player has the needed resources. If the player does, then take away the resources and enable the barrier.

what option do i go to for the barriers?

When their bed gets destroyed make them go to
team spectators when they die.

how do i do that? where is the setting for that?

there is no setting but i can help you later if someone does not beat me to it.

Prop destroyed → activate trigger A. [1]

Player KOed → trigger → switch to spectators.

This should work!

  1. The trigger needs to be deactivated on game start, and have player scope. ↩︎

dont you need to set it on scoped or use a relay for specific team or if 1 bed is detsroyed everyone will turn to spectator?

Thanks for catching that! It would just mean that after one bed is destroyed, permadeath would be enabled for everyone. It could make for a cool game, but it’s unintended.

i want it to be where AFTER you get knocked out you spectate ill show you a pic of the system


That’s what the system does. You get knocked out, the game tries to switch you to spectator. If your bed is gone, you get switched.

so what do i do with the knockout manager?

Leave it alone for now. How many beds/teams do you have?

i have 4 beds and teams

Prop destroyed → relay (specific team, all) → trigger (activate).

This is one system. When that teams’ bed is destroyed, that team will activate the trigger.

Player knocked out → trigger (trigger) → team switcher

This is another separate system. If a player gets KOed, then the game will try to switch them to spectator. If their bed was destroyed (signified by the trigger being activated), they will become a spectator.

Yeah @Austin_Texas , you only need 4 relays. Not that much work, only 5 device systems.

do i wire the relay to the trigger?