Bedwars spawning (item) system

I want an item spawner that gives you items every 2.5 seconds, BUT I want it to give you more than one item (by property?) if upgraded. how would I go about doing this?

Couldn’t you just activate a second item granter when it is bought?

im wondering how to do that.

Get an item granter that isn’t activated on start, and when the upgrade is bought using vending machine/ button , wire that button/machine to the item granter, button pressed > activated item granter.

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You could look at my clicker guide. It may help with the upgrade mechanic. Getting link now…

Edit: here is the link:


@Caternaught, you will have to replace the player input with a trigger loop though to get the result you want.

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well, I want to add more details to my suggestion first.

  • you have a zone. it gives you wooden seeds and when you upgrade it it gives you silver seeds. i want a way if the granter is upgraded, it stats giving the next level details first.
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Well then when you update the system deactivate the item granter that gives the wooden seeds and activate the item granter that gives you the silver seeds, but use the same system to keep on granting.

i dont want it to deactivate the wooden seeds tho

Then just don’t deactivate the wooden seed by not sending a channel there.

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I don’t know how to do that
Please send me the map when completed I want to play and you can send me at it to

Yeah, then don’t deactivate the item granter with wooden seed.

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