Bedwars help with ending game

Im making a bedwars game and i need help ending it (when bed is destroyed and all players on that team is eliminated). I already made everything else.

Ok, I’ll help.
On the bed’s pick the ‘when prop destroyed, transmit on’ option and put it on the ending game channel (what ever you want to call it.)
Then, place down an 'End game widget and have it activate on that channel.
(Hope this helps.)
IDK how to make it stop when all players are eliminated, however

i know that. i need help with the elimination process after that sorry if i sound rude

well you could make a bed connected to a vending machine connected with wire

yeah that could work

so the players will have to buy the the bed to be destroyed

Are we allowed to send links from YouTube?

i think so, as long as it is appropriate

ok I’ll send link to help. this is what I watched when I was looking on how to make door

nvm i solved it myself i used a checker attached to team switcher sorry for using ur time!

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nvm i need more help lmao

Like a wise person once said:

If we’re on here it’s because we’ve time to waste


Glad that worked! Next time, I recommend looking through every device and their options before making a help post.


it’s fine :slight_smile: You didn’t waste my time

I personally am not sure if it is possible, yet.

the link isn’t working for me rn so I’ll just try to explain.

yea same I don’t have much things to do anyways im suspended

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How do you make a knockout manager apply to the WHOLE TEAM so when the WHOLE TEAM is knocked out it ends the game?