Bedwars help? I need ideas

ok i feel like a spammer now

I need help on bedwars

just give me ideas

Just clarification, bedwars is where you have to destroy the other’s respawn point to get them out of the game. right?

Destroy the spawn and they cant respawn

so yes

You could have a lifecycle that detects when the players is knocked out, then checks to see if their bed is destroyed (make the prop update a property when destroyed), and if it is not destroyed, teleport them back into the arena.

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umm i only want ideas i have that stuff down already but thanks anyway

You could add upgrades such as temperary speed boosts, (addable speed works well with this), slow down debuffs for everyone else, backup respawn points, emergency teleport button, etc.

have keycards,fish, and other items that can be used as currency and have that as the dimonds,emralds,iron,etc.

yeah im adding stuff right now C:

Great minds think alike i guess.

wait a minute how do you check if someone is on a team or not???

Isn’t bedwars a FFA?

No its not lol

thats skywars

Bedwars can be team and FFA, it’s really up to the creator of it.

Okay, I’m guessing you could use Mysz’s team counter to help with this, and wire repeater gates might work as well? Not entirely sure what your question is though.

is there a way to check if someone is on a team or not?

Players will always be on a team, unless they are in spectator. There are a max of 60 different teams, one for each player.

the name will be different color when they are on different teams. either green or red

However, if you want to check whether a player is on a specific team, you could use the [triggering player’s team number] block or a wire repeater gate.

just realized all my walls were floors :C

Yeah…that is really really really annoying. Someone should create a PSA for that.