Bedwars Dropper Upgrading system

They’re connected to the trigger (item dropper)

okay so all of the repeaters are connected to the trigger, meaning if there are 2 upgrades 5 repeaters will be going into the trigger?

No, each Repeater Upgrade has it’s own Trigger.

5 Repeaters = 5 Triggers.

Do note there is a device limit of 10 Repeaters.

and then what do all the triggers do?

They’re part of the Item Dropper.

I used the item dropper design that valxian does in his tutorial not that one, meaning it uses 2 triggers 1 has the upgrade 3 or 2 i forget and the other has upgrade 1-2,


Oh okay( then it’s just the same thing, just two triggers per Repeater.

and each trigger does the same thing? im sorry for all this trouble, but im just really confused on how the triggers would work throught the repeaters


Yes, it runs the randomizer in the guide.
If it reaches the wire limit for one upgrade, you can use wire repeater/s.

okay so i just copy paste block code from the first triggers to the other 10 triggers

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but If i want to do that to 4 teams plus the ones already placed down that will be 20 repeaters, is there any other way to make an upgrade system? cuz for a real bedwars match thats impossible

You can reuse the repeaters, just remember to set scope to team

but wouldnt that need multiple repeaters, cuz you would have to change the scope on them for each team?

No no you need to use each of the 5 repeaters, for all the teams

okay, and the code for both of the triggers should look like this for every repeater right?

Screenshot 2023-12-10 153721

If that works, then yeah

alr then, ill try it

also when they said to connect the repeaters to the trigger is it just
Repeater Runs Task —> Trigger?

Yep, that will activate the trigger every time the repeater runs.

also do both repeaters go in to the trigger?