Bed system in bedwars

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Jeffo closed the other one and said there were guides on this

I found none

pls help me find one and i will close

This is one I found.

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No like for when you destroy a prop you team cant respawn

are you still there?

Yes I am working on it on a map.

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I’m making a guide on it.

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I reallly need this


when your done post it here

Once you have the prop make it damagable and add a property(name it whatever you want but just so you know I named it Bed ok?) and set it to a number as its type. Next connect the “bed” to a trigger with a wire and put Prop destroyed ----> trigger. Once you got that go towards the blocks section in the trigger and press when triggered… and put these blocks:

Next add a KO manager device to check for when a player is knocked out and wire it to a checker. Once wired set the wire like this: Target knocked out —> run check. Now for the settings of the checker; set them like so:

Now wire it to a respawn player device and set up the wire like so: Check passes —> respawn player. Finally wire the Checker to a team switcher device and set the wire like so: Check fails —> switch team to configured team(which is the specators team).

Does this make sense?

Follow @VALUEX’s post if that made sense, but if you don’t want to use properties or blocks, follow my guide:

oh thanks yes it does but it might be a bit hard for me to do XD im so bad at gimkit

Oh wait, checkers often bug when checking the value of a property. Just letting you know.


Hmmm…good to know…I didn’t know before.

oh ok thats good to know i might just go with @VALUEX then

Oh well then use @Im_Pretty_Cool idea.

wat wait what

Oh yeah, if you want to build a item dropper, use this: