Battle Royale Storm

I am attempting to make a battle royale game but I do not know how to make a storm that damages you slowly if you enter the zone, and if you can, it would be cool if it shrank. I have tried playing with zones but there is not thing that damages you.

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Here is a guide on how to make thezone.


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Thank you so much! I will try this.

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Make sure to mark a solution!

Be sure to mark a solution if it works!

Guys we have a problem i searched up the solution post and I couldn’t find it! Am i going crazy

Means it was unlisted.

Ahh thanks

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Oops. Should I edit it out? I had the link in my bookmarks so that’s where I got it.

Thank you. I have been reading posts for the past week but I just started posting.

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I can’t say thank you?

Its fine, I think she was just issuing a general warning

Yes i was…

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