Battle Royale issue

I am making a battle royale map but I can’t figure out how to make the winner AKA the last one alive teleport back to the lobby. Any suggestions?

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Thank you!

To track how many players there are, make a counter with a target of 1 and scope of global that starts at 2. Make a zone over the spawn point, and set the activation scope to player.
Player enters zone: transmit on channel “Start”.
Deactivate zone and increment counter when receiving on “Start”.
Trigger a trigger with a delay of 1 second when receiving on “Start”.
This trigger decrements the counter when triggered and deactivates itself like the zone does, but this time the scope is global.
Lifecycle & wires: When player knocked out --------> Decrement Counter
Now, you have a player tracker!
Counter from earlier and wires: When target value reached ----------> Trigger an end game device

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