Barrier deactivating/activating one way door glitch

I have a trigger deactivating a barrier, and then .2 seconds later it activates, and then “instantly” deactivates, and so forth. (It’s for a project, check my bio to see what). I found that if you try to walk through the barrier, you can only walk through on 2 sides, and not the others. But if you are inside the barrier, you can walk out any side, but once you leave, you can’t go back through the sides you couldn’t go through earlier, even if you could walk out of the barrier through them.

could you show a photo


The barriers are glitching and I can walk through them.

Maybe lag. Maybe a glitch. 50/50 chance.

use my guide it shows you the one way glitch and how to build it

Cannot disprove, but if it turns out to be a bug, be sure to contact Gimkit support.

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It’s a different glitch. You can walk in some of the sides, but you can’t on the others. However, you can leave through all of the sides.