Bank Robbery Game Ideas and Help

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You improved the text! yay :D
Anyways, make sure to put what you need help with in the topic post not the title.
Instead you could put: “Bank Robbery Game Ideas and Help”

I will try to find a way for the snowman freezing stuff…
it’ll be a hard journey

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Thanks Kosm0-o, man your a real help

And I’m thinking of adding cutscenes, but when I try to do it, it never works, even with the new device the camera point

what system are you using?

technically, you can’t detect when a player is hit but there’s a different system you can try!
let me know if you want to know the system…

I put the name of the property into the camera point and then into the zone when the player steps into it the cutscene happens

And yeah I wanna know the system

wdym property through camera points and zones? did you mean a channel?

alt system if u want to use it:
you can have a zone that covers the max range of the snowman sentry. Wire that to a speed modifier that slows the player down a little bit. have zones going inward from there connected to speed modifiers with gradually slower speeds. this way the player gets slowed down the closer they get to the sentry. there is a more memory efficient way using coordinates possibly but I would need to test it out and stuff.

Wait can you still help with the cutscenes?

could you show me the settings for the zone and the camera point; only the settings you modified

Sorry but I got rid of it :sweat_smile:

well just have a zone and have a camera point (and 2 speed modifiers too!).
set a speed modifier to x0 speed and the other one to x1 speed.
zone entered → set player to configured speed (x0)
zone entered → activate camera point
then when the cutscene ends, whatever triggers it to end deactivates the camera point and the zone. it also sets the player’s speed to x1 through the speed modifier

you have any ideas of how I should make my bank look like?

just like a regular vault or something? idk I’m not good at design

Warning your game c0de is showing and it might get flagged by someone

wow. 4 hours later and the code is “still running”

The code doesn’t work anymore. The screenshot is 8 hours old.

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I’m thinking of making the the place you start in
Screenshot 2024-05-23 8.27.07 AM

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