Bank heist need help thank you

who made the bank heist I need to know there is a problem.and I need to know how to fix it so if any body knows who made it let me know please so I can fix it and git it to work thank you for your time.replay as soon as you can thank you

What do you need exactly?

And are you talking about Perfect Heist by Jobozo?

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Uhh, I have no idea what your asking

I think they are talking about like, “Oh, I noticed a bug in your game. Could I fix it for you?”

If so, it’s kinda a bit off topic… because usually your not the one going around asking to help others, it’s others going around asking for help.


Poorly worded question. They’re asking who made “The Bank Heist” so that they can fix it for them? It’s not really on-topic though…


Agreed, its like a word problem in math…

please can you guys help me thank you

yes that’s right there is a bug and I do need to fix it

Hello, I’m bumping this up so it can be helped faster.