So Im making a how to platformer inspired level in gimkit creative and i want to make the ball. i have an idea where there is a barrier and when you jump it gets you stuck on the ceiling to imitate the ball fliping gravity. can somone make a guide on how to make the ball in gkc. plz

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Thank you! Do you have a idea on how to do this?

It’s impossible to change gravity. The replicas that we DO have are STILL clunky and problematic. Sorry. You’ll have to make it in GD

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I was thinking when you jump a barrier gets activated and deactivated.

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Try it. Working through your own problems first is the best way to try to find a solution because it allows you to understand and later modify/fix it

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Welcome to the forums @GuyOnGimkit making a ball gamemode will be hard I mean I can drag @trjb261 over here if you want to

please don’t make welcome messages that don’t add anything helpful to the problem

Do we even know how to make gravity flip?

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Did you not read???

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sure if he/she is hepful

hi I found this post on my replies. would you like to explain?

making geometry dash is gonna be hard. i have no idea how it will work, but i suggest asking @FusionLord for help. i heard they were making geometry dash aswell, maybe they can help you with some of your problems?

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Thanks let me go get them

how do I ask them? with an @FusionLord ?

yeah, the best you can do is ping them. don’t spam ping them though, 2 is enough. im not sure if they’ll respond, their last post was over a month ago.


how do I ping them???

you already did, when you put a ‘@’ in front of their name, it sends them a notification.


oh thanks, I’m new to the forums

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Hi GuyOnGimkit! welcome to the forums

Awnser to your question: Probably use a way to teleport up or down. probably make a button you can press to teleport up and then teleport down once you click it again. if it doesnt work. then i dont really know.