Ball device has a cap for speed

I just tested something with the new ball device. You can make the ball go faster, when you have damage boost on. But sadly, Josh made a limit for the speed that the ball could go. So even if you try to hit the ball with x10 damage with a legendary Quantum Portal, it will still go the same speed with a legendary zapper with x10 damage.
BUT you can change the settings in the ball to make it go faster, but there is still a speed limit.
You can change:
~ Top Speed (from Very Slow to Very Fast)
~ Hit Impact (hit power from Very Low to Very High)
~ Bounce (how hard the ball bounces from 0 to 100)
~ Friction (how fast the ball will lose speed from 0 to 100 also)
~ Mass (pretty self-explanatory)


if u want it to go fast just change the mass and max speed

oh really? let me change smth.

don’t forget the hit impact and bounce


I’m pretty sure that works. Pretty sure

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No I tested it. Damage boost doesn’t affect the ball.

weird, for me, it did

No, I mean


Oh, sorry about that

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Another interesting part of this update, the goal zone can only register a goal 6 times a second.


Really? That’s interesting.

That is very cool! Probably because of the xp farming.

I think I have broken that theory But I do not know

Yeah i forgot to say this but with some further testing the more balls you have the more a zone can handle.

wait how you test?

Well thats sus.

:thinking: :raccoon:

Very Fast is the speed limit.

not exactly… it depends on its velocity and mass too and its bounciness

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Respawn time also cannot go under 1s.

well in my research that is not my problem