Balancing issue

I have an game. There are 3 worms. Worms respawn after 15 seconds. Fishing takes 1 second. Fishing takes 1 worm. I need the defult hunger, how often it goes down, and how much hunger these fish give you: Red fish, Blue fish, Green fish, Purple fish.

No, I know how to make hunger, did you read the topic, I need Balancing.

what is balancing? (sorry)

Making sure your game is fair

In the order that you said, add 1 hunger for each rarity.

Red, Blue, Green, Purple

Okay, what should the hunger start at, and how often should it go down?
(P.S. Purple is the most rare)

15 would be a good number, enough time to get fish if you’re getting comparatively low.

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Once per 45 seconds.

1 minute would be too slow, 30 seconds would be too fast.

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What should the least valuble fish sell for, how many hunger?

Edit: I’ll just make it one

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ypu could use block code to add a randomizer… if that’s wat u were asking for

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Nope. They were wanting balancing issues not based on probability.

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I made a randomizer already

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