Bakugo Sentry Tutorial💥

Ok so this is based off a character named Katsuki Bakugo
Right here
(It’s ok if nobody cares about anime)
End result should look like this btw

Screenshot 2023-12-29 6.38.09 PM

so what you need is;
Ground hay; both of the small ones
the two different ones
Text boxes; I used a whopping 52(or I think so at least)
And a sentry, obviously.

Making it


take the ground hay and the sentry,
flip one of the hay thingies upside down,
and put the other hay above the sentry using the Layers option.
Screenshot 2023-12-29 6.52.29 PM
(The hay looked close enough like his hair that I used it.)
You can lower it if needed or even just use the other hay for both.
Neither look exactly like his hair, anyway😭.


So, take two text boxes(btw make sure all text boxes are in “Above” on Layers)
And put the :boom: emoji in both, with size as 74, like this
Screenshot 2023-12-29 7.06.05 PM

Here comes the fun part(Idk I thought it was tedious)
get like 50 other text boxes
Two with :green_square:,
Four with :red_square:,
about 14 with :white_large_square:,
like 30 with :black_large_square:.
I’m not helping you with the placement of the text boxes, (bc I’m evil haha).


This is kind of a weird tutorial, right?:sweat_smile:
I would say it’s depressing that nobody read my post, but I posted it kinda late anyway


Now this is creative!

actually pretty cool. I think sentry art is going to be the next big thing on the forum.

probably true

Not rlly into anime-but cool! Never thought of that! Nice job.

For real! I’ve seen so much sentry art! People are involving 2 fast!! …or I’m just slow…

This is cool but why is it a guide if you won’t explain it to us?

Um, did you read this?

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Ohhh This looks cool!

Oh wow! Someone actually had an idea to do anime!

I hope I see a Naruto sentry one day. . .

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It might be to help you think for yourself and become better at GKC. Like, “The proof is left as an exercise for the reader” type of idea.

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…Well it’s a guide to the stuff you’ll need

It’s a guide, so just help us, otherwise, it’s not really a guide.

ClicClac already explained for me
some things you have to do for yourself
it shows you where they’re at anyway

Yes, but that’s not the point of a guide…

well you can see the positions of the text boxes

If I give you a picture of a million wires and said, go build it (I know that’s not what you did but still), would that be helpful?
sigh, nevermind.
Back on-topic

I would never do that with wires and not explain it

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