Back to ideas posts again

I lack ideas yet again it’s a problem
anyways I started a new game recently(still working on foxwood) it’s mainly a dungeon crawler but I’m adding a main town, some levels, and a system that randomizes the layout so each playthrough is different. What I need is

  1. art ideas for areas and just in general
  2. name ideas creative naming is just not my thing
  3. themes
  4. side quests
  5. random ideas (please, please be reasonable)
  6. no I don’t need a thumbnail unlike the ridiculous amount of people here Google slides, Canva, and Kleki exist and I want to work on my photo editing and shading anyways

Try a medieval theme for the town. (that is like all the town/home props theme, so it makes sense)

I suggest side quests:
1.Wizard’s quest: “Oh-no!” The Wizard of Light has lost his Wooden wand, without it he can’t do anything to fight back the Wizard of darkness retrieve his wand to bring light.
2.Stach’s quest: Hmf it seems like the evil sentry bots have been taking my stuff, tell you what, bring my zapper that the sentries stole and I’ll reward you with $100.
3.Maze quest: The King of Isr@el has ordered that the person that shall defeat the great evil witch in the middle of the Dark Maze, shall be rewarded with diamonds and rubies.

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Add a side quest that is only unlocked when a player finds a hidden key, then when they pick it up they are introduced to waypoints leading them into a part of a dungeon that is only unlocked by the waypoint… Then they must beat a raveena sentry and get into the witch’s potion chamber. In the chamber they must find and mix different “potions” (seeds) to give them Speed, attack boost and the ability to skip over parts of your dungeon crawler every 2 minutes…

just a suggestion

I can add side quests if I have extra space but I’m working on a 100 sentry limit

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you know it’s kinda sad thumbnail posts are getting more help than idea posts or just other help topics

maybe people like art better than thinking.

I agree with that my thumbnail post:

already has:

What about a vertical part of the dungeon called “TriggerTock Clock?”[1]

  1. Based off of Tick Tock Clock from Super Mario 64 ↩︎

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I agree but pls keep this on topic… we don’t want a 100+ reply mess

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then that’s a problem if this is just going to be an art hub what’s the point of the forums?


sorry. I was just makin a guess.

need name ideas for
the game
the town