Automatic speed only setting for me and no other players

Whenever I set the automatic speed on my game it only works for me, and no one else.

Screenshot 2023-05-28 9.08.51 AM

Which is weird because I never set it to do so.

It’s becoming a huge problem in my game

I’m having the same problem in my game, and I think this belongs in bugs, because, well, it is one.

Ok, thanks. I just thought it was something I did on my part.

Set the thing to when the game starts, and the speed changer to global.

I think i’ve tried that. but I probably set it to player by mistake, so I’ll try

I looked and there is no option for global settings

Screenshot 2023-05-28 12.28.17 PM

I think it’s designed to do this. If you want to I’m pretty sure you can use the device that does things for all players (I think it’s a relay? cant remember) and connect the speed to that

I’ll look, thanks for your help!

EDIT: It worked! This problem has affected my whole game, so thank you so much.

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