Automated granting system

I am creating a game where the player has work for a certain amount of time and then can buy workers to help them and grant them items but i can’t figure out how to make it please help.

What part do you need help with?

the automated granting

Item granter connected to a counter which is on a loop and counts down and resets? I don’t know, I’m just thinking off of the top of my head. I am going to go test this.

You would also probably need to use blocks to decide how many of the item you should get, if you have many workers

I would connect a repeater to an item granter using a wire and activate/deactivate the repeater whenever it is needed.
Screenshot 2023-10-19 11.45.00

Let me know if you needed something different instead.

i’ve tried this and it won’t grant to the player

I have a solution for you. It’s bigger than @arc5030’s solution but allows you to start the repeater when the item is purchased and has support for multiple workers. It looks like this:

Did you activate the repeater through a wire or broadcasted message?

@chikkenugget96 Can you send some screenshots of what you currently have so we can work from there?

Has this post been solved yet? If not, what can I do to help.

So, I know its pretty complicated, and may not be the best solution since I am pretty new to gimkit creative, but this is how it works:
First, I want to explain the things that are not necessary in this system, but I added. In the top left is a game overlay for showing how many cash the player has. It is set to tracked item and shows in the bottom left. There is also a starting inventory device, which gives the player cash at the start of the game(I know for yours you have to do a task, but I did this for it to be simpler for me to test).

Now the things that matter:
The vending machine is set to transmit on channel when an item is purchased. It transmits on the changeMoneyAmount channel when the worker is purchased. The counter(purple device with the 0 on it) stores how many workers have been bought. It increments when it recieves a signal from the changeMoneyAmount channel(which the vending machine emits). The counter has the update property setting in the property tab set to true, and updates the moneyPerSecond property. The moneyPerSecond property is a number, with 0 as the default value.

The vending machine is wired to the repeater(the device with the loop logo) so that when a worker is purchased, the repeater starts. The repeater is set to run every 1 second, and transmits on the giveMoney channel. The item granter(device with the dollar bill floating inside it) is set to grant cash, and grant 0 by default.

Finally, in the blocks section of the item granter, I created a When recieving on channel block and set the channel to giveMoney(which the repeater triggers). In that block, I have a very simple setup which just uses the grant player selected item(custom amount) block with the amount set to the value of the moneyPerSecond property

If this is confusing, I can make a full tutorial if you want!

You don’t need to delete your post, you can just say, nvm<-means “never mind”.

Look at my solution, here are some extra pictures and a screen recording:

I got a weird bug where the item granter wasn’t granting the cash, to fix this I set grant item when receiving on to the changeMoneyAmount signal. The item granter amount is still 0, so this does nothing, but it seems to turn it on and causes the loop to start ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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