Attack on titan map

I have this map idea. so please wright ideas in the comments.

I want it to be like your defending a wall and titan are trying to get in


Are there any mechanics about that you are struggling to make or replicate? What do you want the gameplay to be about?

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I want it to be like you are defending this wall and titan are trying to get in

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This is very hard because as in titan, the only thing it could be is Sentry but Sentry can’t move. Is the titan a player?

use a barrier, with a repeater to a counter and a propified sentry(so it looks cool) and then when target value reached, break wall or do whatever, and then you can make certain actions deactivate or activate different repeaters, and some actions increase or decrease the counter for wall break

the titan could be a player

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1.make a boss that can move using triggers
2.make barriers
3.custom ur boss
4.make a item granter that gives on lifecycle

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