Attack ideas for a boss

So Im making a boss that has 5 attacks, I already have 3 a flamethrower, stomp, and electrical shock (which I am probably going to delete because it does almost nothing), and I need some help designing some attacks

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Laser guard!Activates a laser across the battlefield and summons weaker sentrys to defeat to disable the laser and continue attacking the boss!

A freeze one!

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Good idea, I will add laser guarding and delete the shock attack (For some background, you need to destroy 4 command tables to get rid of a forcefield, and the shock attack was around the command tables, but the attack was so small it did nothing because people wouldn’t stand right near it, so it was have it too small and waste a slot, or have it too big and it is overpowered, with the flamethrower, you can tell where the flames come from, and only divide the arena into thirds, and stomp is in the center, where most players will be for attacking the main boss, but the tell is the shadow, and the crack in the floor after the first attack)

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Could you please elaborate, like a full freeze with no speed, or one with very little speed, like 0.25

I still like the idea, and might use it

how about an inferno blast, and a sword tornado

full freeze, maybe like a giant light blue barrier over the battle area?

the first one is kinda like the flamethrower, and the second is kinda like stomp, but I might use the second one as a hazard

Yes, one problem, you are in a boiler room

also, for sword tornado, could send a design

hmmm… is there any sort of prop that could be like ice spikes? When the attack is activated, they would activate all around and can deal damage?

groundbreaking vines? and about my last one, you are in a boiler room, but not around any boilers, I will send screenshots

Boiler room:

Boss arena:

Very close, but not right next to each other

sword nano design, of course you can make the swords look cooler and add animation to the swords circling around the sentry, the swords will deal damage if stepped on

hmm okay, maybe my other suggestion for ice spikes will work better?

what about a heal “attack”, but it can only be activated once

How would I make the spikes seem “Dangerous”

The spikes are hiding lasers…

what would be the tell?