Asking for ideas for an Explosive Game Mode

So, I’ve got an idea for a game mode, but I don’t know if it’ll fit the space theme that my map is aiming towards, and I wanna know if there’s a better idea to this. So, first things first…
If any of you guys have heard of Party Animals, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, then… uh… I’ll try to explain it. Basically, there’s a game mode called “Trebuchet” where you load up a trebuchet with explosives and it launches them onto the other teams side. If it blows up, it lowers their starting score by 1 per explosive. (Starting score is 10) Then, you could be a terrible teammate and ignore the explosive, or throw it into a river. (If you’re on the team being “bombarded” with explosives. Haha, get it? No? Okay…) You can also send yourself to the other team’s side as well. Anyway, my idea for a mini game was to have two sides pretty far apart, so you can’t really see what’s happening. Then, on your side, there will be four flags. You can then grab one of these flags, hop into a space cannon, or rail gun or whatever, and get “shot” into the other team’s base. And after a while, the flag you’re carrying will disappear, lowering the enemies score by one, and it respawns you. However, the team can tag you before the timer goes off. There will also be a respawn room, so if you successfully “blow up,” you will have to wait a little bit before respawning. Same goes for tagging.

Another idea: So, instead of just running around with a flag, you have to drop the flag somewhere, which will then reveal a waypoint to that flag. Dropping the flag will then trigger a timer, which will eventually cause the flag to “blow up.” This could also mean that one person could carry several flags at once, and distract the enemy team from other things they should look out for.

Something I Forgot to Mention

On each side, there will be an indicated zone of where you can dispose of the bomb. Shortly after the bomb has been disposed of, the bomb will respawn.

Here’s a video explaining what the game mode is like:

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Nice idea, I could implement this into a game. So what do you need help with?

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Thanks! I thought that this game mode would fit pretty well into gimkit.

Yeah, I could probably make this but it would take a while.

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I’m kind of trying to work on it already, I just wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions for anything.

If no one has anything to add to my thingy thing, does anyone have a good name for it? I don’t want to name it Trebuchet, as it’s space themed, so should I just call it “Bombarded” or something similar to that?

Bomber man. It’s an actual game.


Bombarded would be a nice original name. One suggestion I have is for sending yourself to the other side is a delayed teleporter. I have an idea for all of this but I can’t think of them all right now, just ask and I might have an answer.



You could use landmines and as @Telephone_Man said, triggers and teleporters.
(why does this remind me of @ClicClac’s rocket jump ability in his GK8 map?)

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So maybe you could just press a button and then 5 seconds later it “launches” you. Whatever it may be. That might work, right?

Or a 5 second delayed button that when pressed teleports you. Then, for the bombs you can carry an item and then there is a zone with a scope of the “attacking” team and when a player from that team enters it activates a checker that checks if the player has the item if check fails run check. It keeps checking until the player leaves, player leaves zone deactivate checker. But if the check passes then it triggers a delayed trigger which respawns the player with a relay and blows up or takes points away from the “defending” team.

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That’s a good idea. Thanks!

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You’re welcome.

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