Art Request for a Gimkit map (Only Up)

Im looking for someone to make a Thumbnail for my only up game
What I need in it.
-At least one gim (doesn’t matter which one)
-The Gim upwards to a Button
-In Big Letters above it say (Only Up!)
-Mountains in the backround

can I help?

I have a couple things I need you to do before you say yes.
I don’t like making a thumbnail for no reason so… I ask you to look at the bottom of my bio to see my previous works

and also could you give me some information like
what gims you want

I Fixed it says what will be in the background the title is Only Up!

I’m not trying to be mean but i would like a more professional feel

Also, welcome to the community!
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ok so
I hope this doesn’t sound aggressive but
people here aren’t “professionals”, in fact no one here is. Only people who just make thumbnails. I put time and work in that and seeing you say no really angers me. If you want professionals you’re gonna need to hire one. Even saying “I’m not trying to be mean but” is still rude when you say

I just want you to know that.

Yes, I agree. But @ItsSoWIther you will be surprised by the quality of some thumbnails.

i was thinking photoshopped
not drawn sry

Welcome to the forums @ItsSoWIther! Hope you enjoy your stay! Make sure you read the guidelines, FAQ, and rules to understand the forum better! :smiley:

yes, plz make me a thumbnail thx

images (2)
This is what I came up with what do u think

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The Gim upwards to a Button
everything else I LOVE IT

What does gim upwards to a button I’m trying to figure it out to make u the best thumbnail possible

the platform at the end has a button on it i just realized that i made it sound weird

are you good or do you want the drawn thumbnail

idk im waiting for viper to respond

the platform at the end has a button on it i just realized that i made it sound weird

images (4)
Here you go its done. Sorry for the delay I was in class

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