Art-Request!: Contained Infection Tag!

I have a map that’s TECHNICALLY finished and needs a thumbnail. Basically the map is a contained box with the infected spawning in the middle and the runners spawning in each corner of the box, the runners have an ability they can use ONCE which they can teleport right back to a random spawn. this running-around stuff lasts for one minute due to the size of the box making it an arena.
Here’s an image of gameplay:

I WILL thank you in the description once I get it published!

What do you want/need help with?

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I need a thumbnail for my game

Thumbnail? You didn’t clearly state what you wanted.

I’ma fix the post

Your fine. A lot of new users get things wrong at first. Thats why us people that joined a long time ago are here! :+1:

Not gonna self-promote here, but I joined a full year ago (Almost)

I really still need a thumbnail though, the last time I made a thumbnail for someone, it looked flat.

He still used it though.

I’m not you guy to be making your thumbnail, I just replied because I didn’t understand your request. Sorry!

Someone else will have to come in here.

I can help, do you want any gims in particular?

Im snatching up the chance to make a thumb too!!

I can make one too!

Yea sure, a zombie gim and probably any other gims!

I already have a thumbnail but I wanna compare

My previous art is all in my Canva:

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I like it! But this is about to get off-topic :expressionless:

Hey Fluffy, I think you should do smth about that post cause I think that’s advertising.

But I just want a thumbnail for comparison with mine, I may use it.

it’s not advertising :skull:
it’s so people can see my style from other thumbnails.

I’m well aware of the rules by now.

Its says art request in the title. Also,

I finished, do you want me to change anything?