Art-request and mission ideas for spider-gim game(spider-man)

so i’m making a spider-man style game(again) and i need a thumbnail and mission ideas.

A mission could be you have to save a person and defeat evil sentrys (raveena). And I will try to do art but I’m not that great so give me 15 mins

name the game"spider-gim: the great gim web"

make a spider collection? Maybe tint the spider prop, and have the player defeat bosses to gain spiders?

so like the spider-bot thing in spiderman 2

this is just a real quick sketch of what the gim could look like (Ik its trash lol) if you would like to use it (prob not) feel free to use it!

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i thought of this :point_down:t2:

maybe add more gims within the distance. here i will give you the spider-gim sprite and you can customiaze them.

i finished it :point_down:t2:

Nice! If that’s the final product make sure to mark it as a solution so we can move on from this.

wait a minute?! i need mission ideas!!

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oh ok

could you bring more people so we get more ideas?

I suggest making a new topic only for mission ideas

ok sure. i will do it right away

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