Art for thumbnail: fnaf 3

I need a thumbnail for a game like fnaf 3 with gims instead of big human-like animatronics.

What I’d like:
Springim (my name for Springtrap), at the door area
a old green-like atmosphere (like fnaf 3)

Thats it you can get creative with everything else!
Thanks :slight_smile:

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when do u need it by?

No date yet, when I finish i’ll tell you, probably in 2 weeks

PHEW i have lots of projects rn, so I can work on yours once Im done with other stuffs


ok, you’re second on my list I think. should be done in a day or 2

What do you want this so called springgim to be used as?
Not good at making custom gims and if you could send us a design that would be great.

Not really in the mood to make thumbs but here you go.
I really cant draw springim some ears sorry

Hehe other thumbnail makers isn’t looking at this topic


Yeah I’m burnt out from all the work and stuff.
Also Blackjack, you should probably take a break sometime, answering every thumbnail request is a lot of dedication and effort.


I like the challenge.
I couldn’t finish Ian’s because I was starting to up my expectations even though I knew I couldn’t meet them. I feel so bad for not finishing it tho lol

sorry @ian990789

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it’s fine i’ll make my own

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Good for you! I’m happy for you!


also, can you send the design of springgim?

(It’ll be hand drawn, if that’s ok)

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also, when is it due?

uh I made a lil drawing of springgim.

is this how they’re supposed to look? Or any changes?


Could I use that gim for the thumbnail? I’ll be sure to credit you!

I mean, yeah. It’s only a reference picture though, so ig you can use it :]

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Ok, thank you!

@OOF, can you make sure the design of springgim is how you’d like it?


Yep its pretty good.

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nice! Now I can finally actually finish the thumbnail lol

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