Art for the hand puzzle/connect the laser puzzle

yeah yeah ik i said i was leaving this forum but the wix is broken rn saying status code 500 each time i try to look at groups feed and rn the forums are just like the only place i have to go rn and i need art for the raw hand puzzle system i made to cover up the devices so yeah .. [internal screaming] if u need a look at what the hand puzzle looks like to do art for it just look at my latest guide -- im too lazy to get the guides picture rn [i personally hate myself for posting this when i said i left the forums but the wix is friggn broken rn >:( ]

basically wix broken came back for a bit
need prop art for system i made
regurts -_-

What exactly are you asking? There’s a lot of… non-GKC related things in this question.

art for hand puzzle read more closely

is this continued from a different topic?

dude…no for all the gawds sake i need prop art for ma hand puzzle

foine heres the picture of the system i need art for

ohhhh that puzzle. yeah I could try making that.

not the mechanics the prop art for it to make it look a bit more idk refined? just to make sure thats what ur thinking right?

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yeah. i’m too lazy to make all tat machinery anyway.

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Concept using barriers and lasers

the dots and colored laser i like tho the middle maybe a little bit more work on the middle tho i´ll keep this as a reference when im modifying the middle where it all connects i´ll mark a solution now

yeah it was just a point to indicate where I would assume the player stands.

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