Art contest...maybe?

Iv’e asked the moderators for approval but I want to know what you guys want…Should I host a Gimkit Art Contest?

  • YES!
  • NO!
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you could do it but don’t put the codes here and also why is marked Help?

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I’m assuming it wouldn’t be like a build battle, and more “make your own game and send images of it”.

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in the title it says Contest meaning that people enter the game,make there art and
Frozen_cursor has to rate it

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We really don’t know the details. It could just be send images of your build. I think this is the least off-topic way, meaning it’s probably the most likely to happen.

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I will post it soon…

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something like that but different

I am just making a vote here, I will make the contest if it gets a majority of yes

I think you have your majority



Have the mods approved?

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it has only been a day…

Also anyone who doesn’t like it doesn’t have to participate.

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I’m using my “amazing convincing skills” to make them say yes but if we get a big amount of votes its a definite yes

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Don’t worry though, I got it under control

little bump :slight_smile:

Boop bop bump


lets hope the mods approve soon

I don’t think you need 3 bumps… maybe?

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heheheha, I know :slight_smile: