Are You Allowed To Do This?

In forums, are you allowed to post c0des to other people to see if there are bugs? because i am now releasing a new (improved) farmchain map.

No becuase it’ll get flagged. You can do it on the

No use the awesome wixsite!
Game codes are not allowed on the forum.

No you are not allowed to post c0des on here, you can do that on the wix or discord.

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No you still aren’t allowed. Please mark a solution if your question is answered.

No that doesn’t work either…

no you can include screen shots but not a live game c0de.

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ok, understandable, will you guys try to j0in tho on the discord link?

You guys do not need to post three links to the Wix.

I was the first to post a link.

I don’t have the discord for Gimkit…

three, more the merrier?

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Only if those join codes are discontinued.

yeah no (to three the more the merrier)

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No, you can’t do it at all, no matter what.

alr ima go post it now, thanks for the heads up (ON THE DISCORD)

Remember to mark a solution when you have one

np, happy to help

no need for anyone else to reply after this

no one

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