Are there any tips and or tricks you can use for prop art?

I am trying to make all Cod perk machines, and I need some help trying to make juggernog, like using 3 3D printers and a bicycle rake as a little grill or a bag scanner click here for a guide on how to build a bag scanner

You can tint prop colors in their settings.

I’m using that on the two perk machines I have right now, stamina-up and Deadshot Daiquiri, I think you rated it!

yeah like a beach unbrella can be a medium hay stack tinted red and a metal pole, should look like this;
Screenshot 2023-08-31 11.39.26 AM
Screenshot 2023-08-31 11.39.12 AM

that’s clever!

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Just one option for creative props.

any tips for making a vending machine

Sure let me make one.

OK, would you be ok if I used it, and modified it

Yeah, I do not mind, just if some ask how just say I made it.

when I make a Juggernog and speed-cola guide, I will credit you for the vending machine guide

Ok, thanks and here is the photo;
Screenshot 2023-08-31 11.53.30 AM
this is a screen shot of the order it should be in and what you should use to make it;

Let me know what you think.