Are matrices possible?

For a project I’m working on, it’s more efficient to use matrices to calculate some parts. Is it possible to make and use matrices in Gimkit? And if so, then how?

Everything’s possible in GKC. GKC is Turing-complete too!

You would need to make a data type, which would be annoying but is possible. Basically, invent a way to convert a matrix to a string like “1,4,6:5,5,5:7,2,2” where a comma separates each number and then a colon separates each row.

Then, for operations, write some code such that you can set two properties to two matrix strings, and then unpack them and do the operation, then repack the result and put it in an output property.

Hopefully that made sense.


Note that this isn’t the easiest solution, but it’s more memory efficient, and you can do a bit more with this method.

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made sense to me…

Okay, thanks! Data unpacking isn’t that hard. There are harder things.

Good luck with your project! I really can’t wait to see it :slight_smile:

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definitely! good luck from me as well!

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