Are 2d modes free for teachers?

The question above ^

You don’t pay for Gimkit unless the season ticket… so yeah its free for teachers and students

Do you mean for being able to play the 2D modes? Or creating them?

Those police out there, if you don’t want to be in trouble, don’t read what’s underneath.

My teacher asked for extra points, and since it’s Friday, nobody but me answered.

Extra points on grades for gimkit? :open_mouth:

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Hey just a question, could you theoretically ask the mods to give you TL3 if you asked the mods to silence you and you have all the requirements filled?
I have 14 days left, but I was suspended because I asked them to.

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You might know because you’re one.

There is another paid edition of gimkit, called gimkit pro. I’m a bit shaky on what it entails, but I don’t believe teachers can host large class games that aren’t on the featured bit of the mode selector without it.

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They can host large, but I think it is only featured.

Featured Games
And the pro is $60 a year
My teachers get it free.

Well teachers have a 5 player limit unless they have the Gimkit Pro. Like BH said.

Idk how ur teachers got it free. Maybe ur school supplied it.

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No, that is just students/

Your school district must have bought a group license for pro then.

Teachers without pro have similar limits to students, actually.

Yeah, we had a petition, and 90% of the school signed it.

Well i have a teacher account and there is a 5 player limit unless gimkit pro.

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My math teacher used to play gimkit with the whole class (32 people)
And she could only do featured.

Did she have pro or no?


Well there are some maps on gimkit 2d that dont require a gimkit pro so maybe ur teacher did that. Like a roster of maps that are free.

Well then yeah, I guess the featured tab doesn’t have a limit, but everything else does. I would unmark THE HACKER’s solution, seeing as it is false.