APRIL FOOLS! keep jumping so high

so currently I was jumping but my jumps became higher I SPEEDRUNNED EVERYTHING IN UNDER 1.5 SECS until I saw this
what going on

how is this a help topic

I could put it in bug

It’s just something Gimkit does every year for comedic reasons.
Nothing new or simply unreasonable, although that statement can be controversial.
I changed it for you, and we don’t particularly use the bug tag since there’s already a whole topic category…

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oh and this happens to creative maps too

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don’t actually put it IN BUG this was made by gimkit according to @California_Love as an April fools joke

it literally says “april fools” if you hover above dld

Yeah, well, we don’t need to use the tag either, so…ok.
:pensive: but yeah, let’s not start anything—it’s just a April fools thing.
Which is both annoying and frustrating and funny at the same time… :pinching_hand:

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yea that was pretty unnecessary

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Maybe it’s something they’ve never seen before and wanted to know if anyone else was experiencing it. Sometimes one person experiences something while no one else does.
They were just asking, though.
I haven’t logged in to GKC yet, and don’t think I will anyway…

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I had to get rid of a topic just to make this they really fooled me.

also I was dealing with this in gkc

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I actually upset because I was planning to make a topic on a tip to go fast in DLD without any buffs or mechanic BUT APRIL FOOLS HAS TO HAPPENED

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