Apparently the vending machine bug also makes other devices disappear?

The devices that weren’t visible besides the vending machine was a Lifecycle, a Repeater and a Property.

Also, I set the Required item amount to %.

wdym? how do you set it to a percent?

Maybe using block code and inventory item managers? And an item granter that grants the negative custom amount?

well, i know how to do it, you would have an iim update a property, then the vending machine would transmit to an item granter, and in block code it, and it grants 0 minus the round up of _% of property, so basically what you said

it is just i had a typo is was supposed to be did, not do, and i was going to see if he/she did it correctly

well, I set my required item amount to %, then it bugs, then I reload the page, now its back to 1.

How did you reload the page in-game?

Nevermind, I didn’t know you were talking about edit mode.

i don’t think you can set the required item amount to a percent. instead, do what was said above

I tried to, but it didn’t work and bugged just like in the screenshot