Anyone know how to make a Ferris wheel

hi this is my first post, but anyone know how to make a Ferris wheel

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Welcome to the forum! Hope you enjoy your time here! You could you a few circle barriers and metal poles.

welcome to the form @TNT_MAN! do you want a funchinal ferris wheel or a decorative one?

Welcome to the forum @TNT_MAN i personally dont know how to do it but im sure there might be a guide for it, you can always look, (me personally I forget this ALOT)

@Gizmo2.0 i would love a functional one but detective is fine two

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yes, welcome to the form, were we workout.

Ha lol you saw the typo as well?
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Hey, welcome to the forums @TNT_MAN!
Do you need the Ferris Wheel to be functional?

ok for a functioning one you can use teleporters ( for example ) the player can walk in then will teleport to another section of the wheel so then it looks like there moving. but for decorative you can do what @ThatGim said.

Welcome to the Gimkit community! If you’re unfamiliar with using barriers and props, there is a guide available to help you learn. For a barrier, try using a circle and for the bottom, use arcade machines. You can use tint on all of these devices and props. Then, add bouts on each side and customize them to your preference. If you’re having trouble making it move, try using zones and other devices for animations. Additionally, use props to edit it so it doesn’t look like a knockoff and add mor props to it to make it look more alive and use the boats for the seats I recommend making them smaller.

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Thank all of you for the ideas I will share a pic of the wheel when i’m done



Like this? A emoji one or a working one